New blog! Croft – A buzz and a shock!


Cat blinkingHello humans,

I thought it was time I gave this little blog a visit, it’s been a while, I know and I don’t want you forgetting about me! (Nor do I want Woodie boring you to death with her weight loss and diet tales. Honestly, you know that one friend who likes to post every little thing on “Pawpad”– what they’ve eaten for tea etc, that’s Woodie!) I’m only kidding of course, she’s looking very svelte and trying to get me to join her weight clinic. We’ll see…

Well I’ve got quite a different story to share today and can’t say I’m very proud of myself…I’ve been a rather silly kitty I’m afraid. You know how I just love to go off exploring, I can’t help myself, and yes there’s been the occasional time it’s gotten me into bother…well I’m afraid this time was one of those.

You see, I was patrolling the park close to our Cheadle branch as is my duty and enjoying some sunshine, when a funny little buzzy thing caught my eye! It was zipping all over the fields, here and there, in and out of flowers and looked like tremendous fun! So we played a little game for a while, it was buzzing around and I was chasing it, pouncing now and again and it would zoom off and I would chase it again. I could have played this game all day! Until I finally caught up with it… YIKES! Those little things are MEAN! I must have just landed on it with my back paw and boy did it hurt! Then it just buzzed away laughing. Probably.

Croft swollen pawBut then the weirdest thing happened! My poor paw began to get bigger and bigger and was so sore! Luckily I wasn’t far and limped back over to Cheadle where vet Sneaks-Me-Treats was consulting. He knew what it was – called it a B. Or a C. or was it D? I can’t remember now but he thought the little buzzer may have stung my paw! My own fault he said for pouncing on it! How was I to know they can sting? AND he wanted to take a photo of my poorly paw to show everyone! That’s it in the picture, my back paw looking twice the size as normal. I’m not looking my best am I? So anyway he gave me an injection of anti-hista-something or other which worked a treat and the swelling has gone down. Phew!

beeI won’t be chasing those things again that’s for sure. Here’s a picture of one so that you can all watch out for them. Don’t be taken in by the smile, they aren’t nice!

Well that’s all for now, I’m off out again to enjoy some more sunshine.

Bye for now!




New Blog! Woodie: A weight off my mind!


Hello Woodcrofters!

Woodie RC Slim pet healthy petHow are you all doing? Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog, I just don’t know where the time has gone! Well despite the snow and awful weather we’ve been having recently, I for one still have a spring in my step!

I am feeling very pleased with my furry little self at the moment as I’ve just been awarded a special rosette from Royal Canin for becoming a “Slim Pet Healthy Pet”!

As some of us fabulous females do, I’d added a few pounds over Christmas, too many treats and tit-bits I think. Not that I’m completely to blame of course, if the lovely staff at the branches offer me some delicious schmackos and don’t know that I’ve already had a few that day, well I’m not going to tell them am I? That’s not my fault is it? I won’t say no to a schmacko!

But Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots noticed a few weeks ago that I was slightly plumper than usual and not as happy when on my walks. I was happy, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t have the energy that I used to and there’s no hiding these things from my nurse friend! She suggested I pay a visit to one of our weight clinics, so I went to see Nurse Smiles-A-Lot at our Cheadle Centre. I was slightly embarrassed at first I’ll be honest, I did my best to breathe in when she was feeling my ribs but it didn’t work! She was so lovely and took some photos of me and explained about my ideal weight. Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots confessed that I may have been having too many treats and Nurse Smiles-A-Lot agreed that it’s very common and sometimes owners can be too kind to us and it’s not always a good thing.

Anyway, Nurse Smiles-A-Lot started me on some special Royal Canin food to help me lose weight. It’s delicious! Tastes as good as my old stuff, I can’t get enough of it! (But Nurse Pats-Me-Lots is being extra careful and weighing it out, she doesn’t even drop a morsel that I can hoover up when she’s not looking so there’s no chance of any extra!)

I’ve been back to the weight clinics a few times over the past few weeks and I have to be honest, I’m feeling so much better in myself! I have loads more energy, in fact, I beat my good friend Buddy to his ball the other day and fetched it for him! Ha! I’m sure I’ve also been getting extra attention from the boys on the park. Could be the way I’m flouncing my golden locks with my new confidence I suppose!

Nurse-Smiles-A-Lot was so pleased at my last visit that I had lost my extra weight that she awarded me with my special rosette! I’m so giddy! Red is definitely my colour. And I’m not the only one! Loads of my furry cat and dog friends have been receiving rosettes for their weight loss too! Here’s a few of them sporting their well earned rosettes.

Our Cheadle Centre’s weight clinics have been so successful that they have been made an official “Royal Canin Approved Weight Management Centre.” They were handed a special plaque and everything. It’s well deserved if you ask me. I’ll be recommending them to a few of my more rotund friends. Politely of course.

WIN_20160224_152156 (2)

Well that’s all from me, be sure to give your congratulations to Nurse-Smiles-A-Lot and the team at our Cheadle Centre if you’re calling in, they’re a lovely bunch!


W x

New Blog: Woodie – A Christmas Cracker of a winner!


xmas woodieHello my lovely Woodcrofters! Hope you’re all well? I’m sure there’s some wet noses amongst the humans as well as us pooches at this time of year!

It’s Christmas Eve, Eve! Ooooh it’s a very busy time isn’t it? The humans are all rushing around, people are coming and going, there’s lots of decorations and unfamiliar things lying around…it can all get a bit much for me sometimes to be honest. I like to hide away in my super-cosy comfy bed and watch the action. I think Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots has been in and out of the house more than I have today! She must be needing lots of tinkles bless her, it’s the cold air, affects us all.

Well I thought I’d take this time to remind you all that although Christmas is a very exciting time, it also brings with it lots of worries for the vet folk at Woodcroft. You see, my friends and I get excited too, and with all the treats lying around and new cuddly Christmas toys out to play with, we don’t really know what we can chew and what we can’t! Well luckily the lovely Woodcroft people have made a special website to help us all understand about things like that! Take a look at their Christmas Dos and Don’ts. As much as I’d love to catch up with some of you over Christmas, I’d much rather it wasn’t in our A+E department!

On a happier note, I have some exciting news! Our Woodcrofty people have had a competition amongst themselves to see which branch could make the best Christmas display! I love competitions so of course I just had to have a nosey around and see what was happening! I followed vet Gemma who was judging the competition everywhere! Even when she nipped to the loo, I was there, waiting at the door, eager and ready to continue on our judging adventure.

I have to woof that ALL of the branches did a brilliant job! But Gemma and I came to a unanimous decision. We both voted that Offerton Veterinary Centre had the best Christmas display! I picked Offerton because nurse Katie and the Rachel girls had the most Schmackos available…I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I had Schmackos at all the branches… but the real reason is that as I mentioned above they covered all of the scary things that can happen to us furry companions over Christmas! Vet Gemma picked Offerton because she loves a good advent calendar.

Here is a photo of their winning display – isn’t it brilliant?

OVC Xmas Display

Well that’s all from me for now. Myself and all the Woodcrofters hope that you have a lovely Christmas, keep yourselves and your furry friends well!

Croft and woodie xmas sign



New Blog: Croft – Happy cats at Woodcroft!


Woodcroft vet's cartoon cat Croft rolling aroundHello Woodcrofters!

Well what miserable weather we’ve had lately! Luckily for me I’ve been snuggled up in the warmth of our Cheadle Centre, it’s so cosy there and there’s always plenty of nurse snuggles and treats!

I love being at the Woodcroft branches! The Woodcrofters understand how to handle us cats, and I should hope so too! We cats take much more looking after than our other four legged friends. (Don’t tell Woodie, she thinks she’s just as special as me and it’s probably best if she continues to think so!) Ooooh they make me feel so relaxed and comfortable!

It’s also nice when I go to visit those friends of mine who might be having to stay at the Queens Road Hospital. I like to stop by now and again to see how they’re feeling, but it’s lovely that they have their own hospital wards, not all cats get on with dogs like Woodie and I do, and to know that they won’t have to see any dogs whilst they’re staying with us makes lots of them feel much better!

In fact, we’re so cat friendly at Woodcroft that our Cheadle Centre has won an award! It’s the only officially recognised “Cat Friendly Clinic” in Stockport as awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine. (ISFM) Ooooh! The ISFM were impressed by our separate waiting areas and stands up high for our cat baskets that are out of reach of those nosey doggies! There are even some times of day when dogs are not even allowed in! Not even Woodie! They are cat only consulting times. Very important for those of us who enjoy our peace and quiet!

You can find out more about this on our website:

What’s even more exciting is that rumour has it that the ISFM will be inspecting another of our branches soon! I shall keep my paws prodding around and let you know as soon as my pointy little ears hear any more.

Bye for now,



New Blog: Woodie – Scary noises!


Hello my dear Woodcrofters!Woody-tail-wag

How are you all doing on this fine autumn day? Noses wet and coats glossy I hope?

Have you noticed that the nights are already getting darker earlier? I bet that funny thing will happen soon where the time of day suddenly seems to change and I feel like I’m waiting forever for my tea. Do you ever feel that? Like your tummy is absolutely certain it’s 5pm and time for your tea but no matter how much you beg it’s just not time yet? Odd!

It was as the darkness was approaching last night and I was on my evening walk, that I heard that dreaded noise for the first time. A whizz and a bang. Always the same every year. Has my luscious golden locks standing on end I can tell you! Now these noises get a whole lot more noisy and scary on 5th November, but even now you’ll hear the odd bang and crackle in the sky.

I’m sure it’s not just me that’s a little scared of those things they like call to fireworks. (Croft pretends that it’s just because I’m a girlie girl that I get the jitters, but don’t let him kid you – he turns into a scaredy cat too!) So I thought I’d tell you a few little things that help me at this time of year, and maybe you can try them at home to help your four-legged friends?

When we got back after my walk, nurse Tickles-My-Ears dug out our “Sounds Scary” CD. She started playing it last night and I could hear very faint fireworks noises, but they were not scary at all! What she does then is gradually plays it louder over the next few weeks and before I know it, there’s fireworks sounds banging and crashing around me and I don’t even mind! It makes 5th November much more bearable. (I’ll probably forget about it by next year though, and get all scared again until the CD comes out again! Haha!) Well the good news is that if you want to try and start playing some sounds for your pets at home, you can now download them from the website of my good friends at The Dog’s Trust. Don’t leave it too late though, we need time to get used the noises!

Sounds Scary – downloadable sounds from the Dogs Trust

Nurse Tickles-My-Ears will also be building me my very own den soon! Ooooohhh I just love my fireworks den! So dark and cosy, full of my favourite toys and has this most amazing smell which takes me right back to being a young puppy again! Love, love, love!

Woodie in den

Croft and I have put together a list of Tips for Bonfire Night on the Woodcroft website which really help us to feel better, and they may help your pet too, so have a quick read.

That’s all for now, good luck keeping your furry friends happy this Bonfire season.




New Blog: Croft – Please don’t lock us in!


Hello Woodcrofters!Cat blinking

What miserable weather we’re having at the moment eh? Woodie’s in her element, the muddier the better as far as she’s concerned. I however, prefer to be snuggled up indoors all cosy and warm from now until, well spring really! Can’t say that autumn and winter do much for my adventurous side.

I think it may be because last year, when the weather was particularly wet and chilly, I decided to venture into a nearby shed to dry off a bit and have a little nosey at the same time. You can find all kinds of things in there sometimes (even the occasional tasty treat!) and I just can’t resist having a prowl and prod. Well some of you who have been following our blog from the start (thank you!) may remember that this time last year I disappeared for a bit having got locked in a shed! I was in there for days! I could hear Nurse Pats-Me-Lots shouting for me, and Woodie, bless her golden locks, passed several times, but she just couldn’t hear my meow! It was only when the human came to get his ladders out a few days later that I was able to escape. It was terrifying, let me tell you! I have never been so frightened in any of my 9 lives! Not to mention hungry! Couldn’t wait to get to my Royal Canin let me tell you! Haven’t really been a fan of the cold weather since then if I’m honest. So I urge all humans to check your sheds and garages before locking them just in case any of my fellow felines have taken shelter inside, and as a reminder, I’ve created this fab picture. (Ok, so I had a little human help with the design but it was under my strict direction!) Croft the Cat hiding in shed
Feel free to save it, share it, tweet it, meow it, bark it, whatever it is you humans do these days.

Cheerio for now,

Croft signature copy

New Blog: Woodie – My First Donation!


Good afternoon my lovely Woodcrofters!

Hope you are all well, noses wet, coats glossy? Can you believe it’s Autumn already? I just love the Autumn! I love charging through the crunchy leaves and trying to catch them as they fall, and there are just so many wonderful smells in the Autumn that my nose goes into overdrive!

Woodie PBBAnyhoo, I thought I’d take a couple of minutes this evening to tell you all that I am feeling most proud of myself! A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d pay a visit to some of my lovely chums who were visiting our Cheadle Centre to donate blood for the Pet Blood Bank. Whilst I was there I got asking some of them why they donate – each one is proud to be able to say that they are helping to save the lives of others. Which got me thinking that I should donate too!

The lovely people at Pet Blood Bank checked that I was eligible first, over 25kg, under 8 years old and some other requirements that I won’t bore you with now but you can see them here if you’re interested: Blood donor eligibility

As I met all of the requirements (especially good temperament obviously!) I was allowed to donate! I must admit once they said I was allowed to, I became a little nervous and my tummy started fluttering with butterflies! But I had a chat to Brooke and Skye who have both donated LOADS of times and they reassured me that I would be absolutely fine. (You can see Brooke and Skye on our website – see if you can count how many times they appear on our wall of fame! Superstars!)

So I decided to be brave and do my good deed for the day. First was a healthcheck where they made sure I was fit and healthy enough to donate and they clipped a small bit of fur from my neck – ooooh that tickled!! Then they took me through to a room where they took some of my blood. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought, it was over in less than 10 minutes!

But then came the best part! I got to hang around afterwards for some treats! They were so delicious I’d definitely donate again if it means I get to eat treats. I’ll do anything for a treat me you know! I also got given a goody bag with this fantastic new bandanna in! Don’t I look beautiful in it? It’s my new favourite thing to wear I think!

Here’s some of my friends who donated too wearing their new bandannas!

Well that’s all really, I hope you’re all very proud of me Woodcrofters! I’m very proud of myself! If you would like your dog to be like me and donate some blood to the Pet Blood Bank you can find out more here.

Toodle pip!

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