New Blog: Croft – Happy cats at Woodcroft!


Woodcroft vet's cartoon cat Croft rolling aroundHello Woodcrofters!

Well what miserable weather we’ve had lately! Luckily for me I’ve been snuggled up in the warmth of our Cheadle Centre, it’s so cosy there and there’s always plenty of nurse snuggles and treats!

I love being at the Woodcroft branches! The Woodcrofters understand how to handle us cats, and I should hope so too! We cats take much more looking after than our other four legged friends. (Don’t tell Woodie, she thinks she’s just as special as me and it’s probably best if she continues to think so!) Ooooh they make me feel so relaxed and comfortable!

It’s also nice when I go to visit those friends of mine who might be having to stay at the Queens Road Hospital. I like to stop by now and again to see how they’re feeling, but it’s lovely that they have their own hospital wards, not all cats get on with dogs like Woodie and I do, and to know that they won’t have to see any dogs whilst they’re staying with us makes lots of them feel much better!

In fact, we’re so cat friendly at Woodcroft that our Cheadle Centre has won an award! It’s the only officially recognised “Cat Friendly Clinic” in Stockport as awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine. (ISFM) Ooooh! The ISFM were impressed by our separate waiting areas and stands up high for our cat baskets that are out of reach of those nosey doggies! There are even some times of day when dogs are not even allowed in! Not even Woodie! They are cat only consulting times. Very important for those of us who enjoy our peace and quiet!

You can find out more about this on our website:

What’s even more exciting is that rumour has it that the ISFM will be inspecting another of our branches soon! I shall keep my paws prodding around and let you know as soon as my pointy little ears hear any more.

Bye for now,




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