New Blog: Woodie – A Christmas Cracker of a winner!


xmas woodieHello my lovely Woodcrofters! Hope you’re all well? I’m sure there’s some wet noses amongst the humans as well as us pooches at this time of year!

It’s Christmas Eve, Eve! Ooooh it’s a very busy time isn’t it? The humans are all rushing around, people are coming and going, there’s lots of decorations and unfamiliar things lying around…it can all get a bit much for me sometimes to be honest. I like to hide away in my super-cosy comfy bed and watch the action. I think Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots has been in and out of the house more than I have today! She must be needing lots of tinkles bless her, it’s the cold air, affects us all.

Well I thought I’d take this time to remind you all that although Christmas is a very exciting time, it also brings with it lots of worries for the vet folk at Woodcroft. You see, my friends and I get excited too, and with all the treats lying around and new cuddly Christmas toys out to play with, we don’t really know what we can chew and what we can’t! Well luckily the lovely Woodcroft people have made a special website to help us all understand about things like that! Take a look at their Christmas Dos and Don’ts. As much as I’d love to catch up with some of you over Christmas, I’d much rather it wasn’t in our A+E department!

On a happier note, I have some exciting news! Our Woodcrofty people have had a competition amongst themselves to see which branch could make the best Christmas display! I love competitions so of course I just had to have a nosey around and see what was happening! I followed vet Gemma who was judging the competition everywhere! Even when she nipped to the loo, I was there, waiting at the door, eager and ready to continue on our judging adventure.

I have to woof that ALL of the branches did a brilliant job! But Gemma and I came to a unanimous decision. We both voted that Offerton Veterinary Centre had the best Christmas display! I picked Offerton because nurse Katie and the Rachel girls had the most Schmackos available…I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I had Schmackos at all the branches… but the real reason is that as I mentioned above they covered all of the scary things that can happen to us furry companions over Christmas! Vet Gemma picked Offerton because she loves a good advent calendar.

Here is a photo of their winning display – isn’t it brilliant?

OVC Xmas Display

Well that’s all from me for now. Myself and all the Woodcrofters hope that you have a lovely Christmas, keep yourselves and your furry friends well!

Croft and woodie xmas sign




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