New Blog! Woodie: A weight off my mind!


Hello Woodcrofters!

Woodie RC Slim pet healthy petHow are you all doing? Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog, I just don’t know where the time has gone! Well despite the snow and awful weather we’ve been having recently, I for one still have a spring in my step!

I am feeling very pleased with my furry little self at the moment as I’ve just been awarded a special rosette from Royal Canin for becoming a “Slim Pet Healthy Pet”!

As some of us fabulous females do, I’d added a few pounds over Christmas, too many treats and tit-bits I think. Not that I’m completely to blame of course, if the lovely staff at the branches offer me some delicious schmackos and don’t know that I’ve already had a few that day, well I’m not going to tell them am I? That’s not my fault is it? I won’t say no to a schmacko!

But Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots noticed a few weeks ago that I was slightly plumper than usual and not as happy when on my walks. I was happy, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t have the energy that I used to and there’s no hiding these things from my nurse friend! She suggested I pay a visit to one of our weight clinics, so I went to see Nurse Smiles-A-Lot at our Cheadle Centre. I was slightly embarrassed at first I’ll be honest, I did my best to breathe in when she was feeling my ribs but it didn’t work! She was so lovely and took some photos of me and explained about my ideal weight. Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots confessed that I may have been having too many treats and Nurse Smiles-A-Lot agreed that it’s very common and sometimes owners can be too kind to us and it’s not always a good thing.

Anyway, Nurse Smiles-A-Lot started me on some special Royal Canin food to help me lose weight. It’s delicious! Tastes as good as my old stuff, I can’t get enough of it! (But Nurse Pats-Me-Lots is being extra careful and weighing it out, she doesn’t even drop a morsel that I can hoover up when she’s not looking so there’s no chance of any extra!)

I’ve been back to the weight clinics a few times over the past few weeks and I have to be honest, I’m feeling so much better in myself! I have loads more energy, in fact, I beat my good friend Buddy to his ball the other day and fetched it for him! Ha! I’m sure I’ve also been getting extra attention from the boys on the park. Could be the way I’m flouncing my golden locks with my new confidence I suppose!

Nurse-Smiles-A-Lot was so pleased at my last visit that I had lost my extra weight that she awarded me with my special rosette! I’m so giddy! Red is definitely my colour. And I’m not the only one! Loads of my furry cat and dog friends have been receiving rosettes for their weight loss too! Here’s a few of them sporting their well earned rosettes.

Our Cheadle Centre’s weight clinics have been so successful that they have been made an official “Royal Canin Approved Weight Management Centre.” They were handed a special plaque and everything. It’s well deserved if you ask me. I’ll be recommending them to a few of my more rotund friends. Politely of course.

WIN_20160224_152156 (2)

Well that’s all from me, be sure to give your congratulations to Nurse-Smiles-A-Lot and the team at our Cheadle Centre if you’re calling in, they’re a lovely bunch!


W x


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