New blog! Croft – A buzz and a shock!


Cat blinkingHello humans,

I thought it was time I gave this little blog a visit, it’s been a while, I know and I don’t want you forgetting about me! (Nor do I want Woodie boring you to death with her weight loss and diet tales. Honestly, you know that one friend who likes to post every little thing on “Pawpad”– what they’ve eaten for tea etc, that’s Woodie!) I’m only kidding of course, she’s looking very svelte and trying to get me to join her weight clinic. We’ll see…

Well I’ve got quite a different story to share today and can’t say I’m very proud of myself…I’ve been a rather silly kitty I’m afraid. You know how I just love to go off exploring, I can’t help myself, and yes there’s been the occasional time it’s gotten me into bother…well I’m afraid this time was one of those.

You see, I was patrolling the park close to our Cheadle branch as is my duty and enjoying some sunshine, when a funny little buzzy thing caught my eye! It was zipping all over the fields, here and there, in and out of flowers and looked like tremendous fun! So we played a little game for a while, it was buzzing around and I was chasing it, pouncing now and again and it would zoom off and I would chase it again. I could have played this game all day! Until I finally caught up with it… YIKES! Those little things are MEAN! I must have just landed on it with my back paw and boy did it hurt! Then it just buzzed away laughing. Probably.

Croft swollen pawBut then the weirdest thing happened! My poor paw began to get bigger and bigger and was so sore! Luckily I wasn’t far and limped back over to Cheadle where vet Sneaks-Me-Treats was consulting. He knew what it was – called it a B. Or a C. or was it D? I can’t remember now but he thought the little buzzer may have stung my paw! My own fault he said for pouncing on it! How was I to know they can sting? AND he wanted to take a photo of my poorly paw to show everyone! That’s it in the picture, my back paw looking twice the size as normal. I’m not looking my best am I? So anyway he gave me an injection of anti-hista-something or other which worked a treat and the swelling has gone down. Phew!

beeI won’t be chasing those things again that’s for sure. Here’s a picture of one so that you can all watch out for them. Don’t be taken in by the smile, they aren’t nice!

Well that’s all for now, I’m off out again to enjoy some more sunshine.

Bye for now!




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