New Blog: Woodie “Told you so indeed…”


Helloooo my darling Woodcrofters!

Tongue-outJust a very quick one from me – as “he who is always right” just had to get in there first and tell you all about the cause of my itching, (the cheeky little furball) I just thought I’d do a little blog myself – and tell you all that the results of the poll are in! It gives me a hunormous amount of pleasure to tell you that 57% of you think that cats get more fleas than dogs! 43% of you thought we’d both be the same, and a mahoosive 0% of you think that dogs would have more fleas. Ooooh I’ve got the giggles! It doesn’t even matter what the truth is, I win this one! Haha! How do you like that snuggle-bum? Humans think that cats have more fleas! Heehee, ooh thank you everyone who voted you’ve made me quite giddy!





New blog: Croft “I won’t say I told you so…”


Woodcroft vet's cartoon cat Croft rolling aroundGood evening Woodcrofters!

I do hope you are all well and have enjoyed those 2 days you humans call the weekend? Personally I don’t notice any difference to any other day, the only reason I know it’s been a weekend is because Nurse Pats-Me-Lots always takes on cat-like qualities on these two days! She spends the days curled up on the sofa, often snoozing and grazing throughout the day, or grooming herself. Of course it means even more snuggle time than usual for me too! I can’t imagine only behaving like this for 2 days a week! Every day is a weekend to yours truly!

Anyway, obviously a feline of my superiority isn’t one to brag…but I told you so! Didn’t I tell you that Woodie’s itching was probably down to fleas? Well the Mrs and I paid a visit to the lovely nurses at our Cheadle Centre last week to tell them about our constant itching. They gave us a bit of a combing with a special comb which, I have to say I did not mind at all! Purrrr! Woodie was quite mortified at the results, poor darling, but Nurse-Tickles-My-Ears reassured us that it’s perfectly natural for us to get fleas at some point. She put something wet on the back of my neck and I saw her do the same to Woodie and we feel so much better already! She’s also sent us a giant can of something or other home for Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots to spray around the house as apparently, human houses can be home to hundreds of flea eggs and fleas! Probably where we got them from. Maybe Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots hasn’t been using her own spot-on or something…anyway we’re all sorted now thank goodness and Woodie can hold her golden head of hair high again. Unless of course I keep reminding her that I was right. Obviously. Cat intelligence vs Dog….well my point exactly. Haha! Ooh I do like to be proved right.

Oh but I didn’t tell you the best bit! As we told the humans about our itching during August, you’ll never guess what! We got presents! Mine is so much fun! A simple little toy mouse, doesn’t look much but oh my! It’s got that smell about it that I simply can’t get enough of! I chase it and catch it and throw it and chase it again! It’s simply wonderful! If you take your furry friends this month maybe they will be given one too!

Cute cartoon cat with signature "Croft"Speaking of which…where did I leave that mouse?

Bye for now!


New Blog – Woodie “Scratch an Itch”


Woody RunningHelllooo Woodcrofters!

How are you all doing? Noses wet, coats glossy? First of all can I just say that I wasn’t such a big fan of Croft’s latest blog – implying I smell indeed! Cheeky little rascal. He never complains when we’re sat snuggled on the sofa together let me tell you!

Although he may be giving me even more cheek than usual when he hears about my latest problem! Am not entirely sure it’s related to my rolling around in unsavoury odours but you never know! Basically, I’m soooo incredibly itchy! I know I can share these things with you. It’s absolutely driving me crazy. I’m scratching and nibbling and rubbing along the bushes in the Woodcroft gardens and I just can’t stop the itch! It’s not very lady like of me you know, legs up scratching behind the ears!Cat blinking

You know what it probably is my dear?

Well hello there snuggle-bum! Why are you popping up on my blog?

I just so happened to be passing by when I noticed your dreadful habit of scratching and thought I’d see what you’re up to. I see you’ve already admitted you have a problem, so you’re halfway there 😉

Oh. You noticed that. Oh Croft I’m tearing out my luscious golden locks, I can’t concentrate, I’m scatty, and grumpy…

At least it’s not having any effect on your mood then darling. No change there. I have a confession to make. I’ve been rather on the itchy side too lately. I think we may have fleas my dear.

Tongue-outOooh you are a cheeky one Mr Croft! No more washing behind your ears for you if you carry on like that! But nooooo! You’re wrong. I absolutely, positively cannot have fleas. Dirty little creatures they are. You won’t find any fleas on my beautiful coat! No way! Fleas indeed!

Don’t take it so personally Woodie! I said “we”. I think “we” have fleas. And stop your protesting – there’s no shame in it! Every cat I know has had fleas at some point. In fact Tom always has them… I’m going to mention it to Vet-Sneaks-Me-Treats and see what he suggests. Maybe he’ll live up to his name at the same time. Yum!

Really? Ooooh I love treat time! Love me some schmackos! Mmm-mmm! OK Croft. I’ll come too. Even if it’s just to prove to you that this foxy-lady most certainly is not carrying any unwanted visitors!

Fine. We’ll go together next week. Until then, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine?

Cheeky little man! OK you have a deal.

Croft signature copyOooh Woodcrofters! I am sooooo sorry I completely forgot you were there! Interrupted in the middle of my blog, I do apologise! Well I guess I’m going to have this itchiness investigated next week. In the meantime, here’s a little poll that will teach that Croft a thing or too!

In fact, I think you should all support me in this and get yourselves checked too! Or your pets. Book them in for a FREE flea check too with Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots or our other lovely nurses!

I’ll let you know how I get on!





New blog: Croft – Wonderings of a cat


Woodcroft vet's cartoon cat Croft rolling aroundGood evening Woodcrofters!

I do hope this finds you all well? I thought I’d take a moment to share with you something that has been baffling me for a while! You see, you’ve all met Woodie and I do so adore her very much, she is the up to my down, the yin to my yang, the…well the dog to my cat I suppose! She’s wonderful and I don’t even mind when she’s affectionately licking my ears and leaves me covered in her dog-drool because I understand that’s just her way…

What I do mind however, is the fact that she quite often stinks to high heaven! I do not know how she can go from being such a fluffy cutesy lady one day, to rolling in what can only be described as fox droppings the next day! And what’s more, when I ask her about it, she’s actually thrilled, like wearing “eau-de-fishguts” is something to be proud of! Eugh! You don’t find us cats rolling around in stinky situations do you?

So I took it upon myself to sniff around some of our waiting rooms, and it turns out it’s definitely a dog thing! They love it! I even heard some humans asking vet-tickles-my-ears why their dogs do it!

I thought I’d better investigate this ridiculous habit further and stumbled across this interesting article that you may all like to read too! Might also give you dog owners some tips on how to encourage your canines not to do it, as I know from first paw experience that although they may like to do it, it’s not a pleasant experience for us friends and family!

Why dogs roll in smelly-scents

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced Woodie’s doing it just to get to use our shower room again…something else I just don’t understand – dogs enjoy water and bathtime! Hmm. A different breed altogether.


New Blog: Woodie – A word of warning


Woody-tail-wagHelloooo Woodcrofters!

And how are we all this fine Summer’s evening? Well it has been a scorcher of a day today, so hot in fact I went for a lovely stroll around Bramhall Park and did some ball fetching in the river! I do love a good splash around – you should’ve seen me afterwards, my beautiful golden locks all damp with “eau-de-pond”, shame I didn’t bump into the handsome Buddy on the way home, he wouldn’t have been able to resist me!

Well I also thought that as the weather has finally taken a turn for Summer, I’d share with you two very important posters from my dear friends at the Dogs Trust. You should all know the message by now – don’t leave your dog in a hot car. Vet Sneaks-me-treats would never dream of leaving me in the car on a hot day, but many people still do it, and let me tell you – leaving the window open a bit for us is not nearly good enough!

Dogs trust poster - Hot cars kill dogs Dogs trust poster - keep dogs cool

I think I speak for all of my furry friends when I say, if it’s a hot day, we’d much rather you leave us at home where it’s nice and cool and we can lap at our water bowls whenever we like. (The kitchen floor is my favourite cool spot, not to mention to the fact there’s sometimes the odd tasty morsel lying around!)

Well that’s all from me. I’m going to just bob in and out, and possibly in and then out again a few more times, before settling down for the night with nurse pats-me-lots.


Croft signature copy


New Blog: Croft – Long time, no “meow”!


Well hello Woodcrofters! Cat blinking

I’m sure you all remember me, right? Yes, it’s me, Croft! You may have forgotten what I look like, in fact you simply must have forgotten considering only one person came looking for me when I disappeared all those months ago! Or perhaps I’m just so good at hiding you genuinely couldn’t find me? Yes, that must be it! Thank you to Facebook follower Kathy Dahou – at least you were able to spot me hiding amongst the Easter Eggs 🙂

Look, here I was all along, hiding in the Woodcroft coloured egg! I do look dashing in those bunny ears.

Happy Easter poster from Woodcroft VetsI don’t know, us cats take some “me time” for just one day and our humans are usually out putting up posters on trees, knocking on neighbours’ doors, calling the FBI…so I was sure you’d find me much sooner!

Still, I’m back now, although I’ve not been inside much. I just love being outdoors even more than usual when the nice weather comes. This time of year brings lots of little fledgling birds too. In early summer as we are now, they’ve more than likely left the nest and are hopping around learning to fly, so my folk at Woodcroft have fitted my collar with a handy little bell to warn them I’m coming. Hmm, how thoughtful of them. I do so hope I don’t lose my collar, it does happen all too easily I’m afraid sometimes….

Did you know that if you find a baby bird hopping around, the kindest thing you can do is actually leave it alone? (Unless it’s in immediate danger of being hit by a car, or grabbed by a lesser-sociable cat than myself of course). Quite often it’s parents are still nearby offering food and if you move it, they won’t know where to find it to bring their next tasty grub. There’s some really useful advice on this subject on the RSPB website.

Anyhoo, was only saying a brief hello today, I’m going to go and do some prowling and see if I can paw across something of interest.

Bye for now!

C x

NEW BLOG: Woodie. A Spring Kitten


Woody Running

Hellooo Woodcrofters! Look who came in this week…

Our hearts very nearly melted when we met Pandora this week.


The kids in her family really wanted to call her Panda, can’t think why…but her owner thought it wasn’t “girly” enough so Pandora it is.


Now you’d think after all these years of seeing kittens we’d all be pretty used to how extremely cute they are, but no! We all can’t help but adore every single little kitten we see, and puppy of course.


Pandora had come in for her first injection of her kitten vaccination course. She was very good about it.

Now, Woodcrofters, we would never recommend bringing your kitten in in an open basket like this but she looked so angelic I couldn’t resist showing you all. Her owner has now bought her a lovely enclosed cat basket to bring her back in when she is due her second injection.

Oh! I hear no one has spotted Croft yet! He was hiding, if you can find him you can win a prize……pssst check out our Facebook page!

Speak to you all again soon,


Woodie signature