New Blog: Woodie – Scary noises!


Hello my dear Woodcrofters!Woody-tail-wag

How are you all doing on this fine autumn day? Noses wet and coats glossy I hope?

Have you noticed that the nights are already getting darker earlier? I bet that funny thing will happen soon where the time of day suddenly seems to change and I feel like I’m waiting forever for my tea. Do you ever feel that? Like your tummy is absolutely certain it’s 5pm and time for your tea but no matter how much you beg it’s just not time yet? Odd!

It was as the darkness was approaching last night and I was on my evening walk, that I heard that dreaded noise for the first time. A whizz and a bang. Always the same every year. Has my luscious golden locks standing on end I can tell you! Now these noises get a whole lot more noisy and scary on 5th November, but even now you’ll hear the odd bang and crackle in the sky.

I’m sure it’s not just me that’s a little scared of those things they like call to fireworks. (Croft pretends that it’s just because I’m a girlie girl that I get the jitters, but don’t let him kid you – he turns into a scaredy cat too!) So I thought I’d tell you a few little things that help me at this time of year, and maybe you can try them at home to help your four-legged friends?

When we got back after my walk, nurse Tickles-My-Ears dug out our “Sounds Scary” CD. She started playing it last night and I could hear very faint fireworks noises, but they were not scary at all! What she does then is gradually plays it louder over the next few weeks and before I know it, there’s fireworks sounds banging and crashing around me and I don’t even mind! It makes 5th November much more bearable. (I’ll probably forget about it by next year though, and get all scared again until the CD comes out again! Haha!) Well the good news is that if you want to try and start playing some sounds for your pets at home, you can now download them from the website of my good friends at The Dog’s Trust. Don’t leave it too late though, we need time to get used the noises!

Sounds Scary – downloadable sounds from the Dogs Trust

Nurse Tickles-My-Ears will also be building me my very own den soon! Ooooohhh I just love my fireworks den! So dark and cosy, full of my favourite toys and has this most amazing smell which takes me right back to being a young puppy again! Love, love, love!

Woodie in den

Croft and I have put together a list of Tips for Bonfire Night on the Woodcroft website which really help us to feel better, and they may help your pet too, so have a quick read.

That’s all for now, good luck keeping your furry friends happy this Bonfire season.