New Blog: Woodie – Scary noises!


Hello my dear Woodcrofters!Woody-tail-wag

How are you all doing on this fine autumn day? Noses wet and coats glossy I hope?

Have you noticed that the nights are already getting darker earlier? I bet that funny thing will happen soon where the time of day suddenly seems to change and I feel like I’m waiting forever for my tea. Do you ever feel that? Like your tummy is absolutely certain it’s 5pm and time for your tea but no matter how much you beg it’s just not time yet? Odd!

It was as the darkness was approaching last night and I was on my evening walk, that I heard that dreaded noise for the first time. A whizz and a bang. Always the same every year. Has my luscious golden locks standing on end I can tell you! Now these noises get a whole lot more noisy and scary on 5th November, but even now you’ll hear the odd bang and crackle in the sky.

I’m sure it’s not just me that’s a little scared of those things they like call to fireworks. (Croft pretends that it’s just because I’m a girlie girl that I get the jitters, but don’t let him kid you – he turns into a scaredy cat too!) So I thought I’d tell you a few little things that help me at this time of year, and maybe you can try them at home to help your four-legged friends?

When we got back after my walk, nurse Tickles-My-Ears dug out our “Sounds Scary” CD. She started playing it last night and I could hear very faint fireworks noises, but they were not scary at all! What she does then is gradually plays it louder over the next few weeks and before I know it, there’s fireworks sounds banging and crashing around me and I don’t even mind! It makes 5th November much more bearable. (I’ll probably forget about it by next year though, and get all scared again until the CD comes out again! Haha!) Well the good news is that if you want to try and start playing some sounds for your pets at home, you can now download them from the website of my good friends at The Dog’s Trust. Don’t leave it too late though, we need time to get used the noises!

Sounds Scary – downloadable sounds from the Dogs Trust

Nurse Tickles-My-Ears will also be building me my very own den soon! Ooooohhh I just love my fireworks den! So dark and cosy, full of my favourite toys and has this most amazing smell which takes me right back to being a young puppy again! Love, love, love!

Woodie in den

Croft and I have put together a list of Tips for Bonfire Night on the Woodcroft website which really help us to feel better, and they may help your pet too, so have a quick read.

That’s all for now, good luck keeping your furry friends happy this Bonfire season.





New Blog: Croft – Please don’t lock us in!


Hello Woodcrofters!Cat blinking

What miserable weather we’re having at the moment eh? Woodie’s in her element, the muddier the better as far as she’s concerned. I however, prefer to be snuggled up indoors all cosy and warm from now until, well spring really! Can’t say that autumn and winter do much for my adventurous side.

I think it may be because last year, when the weather was particularly wet and chilly, I decided to venture into a nearby shed to dry off a bit and have a little nosey at the same time. You can find all kinds of things in there sometimes (even the occasional tasty treat!) and I just can’t resist having a prowl and prod. Well some of you who have been following our blog from the start (thank you!) may remember that this time last year I disappeared for a bit having got locked in a shed! I was in there for days! I could hear Nurse Pats-Me-Lots shouting for me, and Woodie, bless her golden locks, passed several times, but she just couldn’t hear my meow! It was only when the human came to get his ladders out a few days later that I was able to escape. It was terrifying, let me tell you! I have never been so frightened in any of my 9 lives! Not to mention hungry! Couldn’t wait to get to my Royal Canin let me tell you! Haven’t really been a fan of the cold weather since then if I’m honest. So I urge all humans to check your sheds and garages before locking them just in case any of my fellow felines have taken shelter inside, and as a reminder, I’ve created this fab picture. (Ok, so I had a little human help with the design but it was under my strict direction!) Croft the Cat hiding in shed
Feel free to save it, share it, tweet it, meow it, bark it, whatever it is you humans do these days.

Cheerio for now,

Croft signature copy

New Blog – Woodie “Scratch an Itch”


Woody RunningHelllooo Woodcrofters!

How are you all doing? Noses wet, coats glossy? First of all can I just say that I wasn’t such a big fan of Croft’s latest blog – implying I smell indeed! Cheeky little rascal. He never complains when we’re sat snuggled on the sofa together let me tell you!

Although he may be giving me even more cheek than usual when he hears about my latest problem! Am not entirely sure it’s related to my rolling around in unsavoury odours but you never know! Basically, I’m soooo incredibly itchy! I know I can share these things with you. It’s absolutely driving me crazy. I’m scratching and nibbling and rubbing along the bushes in the Woodcroft gardens and I just can’t stop the itch! It’s not very lady like of me you know, legs up scratching behind the ears!Cat blinking

You know what it probably is my dear?

Well hello there snuggle-bum! Why are you popping up on my blog?

I just so happened to be passing by when I noticed your dreadful habit of scratching and thought I’d see what you’re up to. I see you’ve already admitted you have a problem, so you’re halfway there 😉

Oh. You noticed that. Oh Croft I’m tearing out my luscious golden locks, I can’t concentrate, I’m scatty, and grumpy…

At least it’s not having any effect on your mood then darling. No change there. I have a confession to make. I’ve been rather on the itchy side too lately. I think we may have fleas my dear.

Tongue-outOooh you are a cheeky one Mr Croft! No more washing behind your ears for you if you carry on like that! But nooooo! You’re wrong. I absolutely, positively cannot have fleas. Dirty little creatures they are. You won’t find any fleas on my beautiful coat! No way! Fleas indeed!

Don’t take it so personally Woodie! I said “we”. I think “we” have fleas. And stop your protesting – there’s no shame in it! Every cat I know has had fleas at some point. In fact Tom always has them… I’m going to mention it to Vet-Sneaks-Me-Treats and see what he suggests. Maybe he’ll live up to his name at the same time. Yum!

Really? Ooooh I love treat time! Love me some schmackos! Mmm-mmm! OK Croft. I’ll come too. Even if it’s just to prove to you that this foxy-lady most certainly is not carrying any unwanted visitors!

Fine. We’ll go together next week. Until then, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine?

Cheeky little man! OK you have a deal.

Croft signature copyOooh Woodcrofters! I am sooooo sorry I completely forgot you were there! Interrupted in the middle of my blog, I do apologise! Well I guess I’m going to have this itchiness investigated next week. In the meantime, here’s a little poll that will teach that Croft a thing or too!

In fact, I think you should all support me in this and get yourselves checked too! Or your pets. Book them in for a FREE flea check too with Nurse-Pats-Me-Lots or our other lovely nurses!

I’ll let you know how I get on!





New blog: Croft – Wonderings of a cat


Woodcroft vet's cartoon cat Croft rolling aroundGood evening Woodcrofters!

I do hope this finds you all well? I thought I’d take a moment to share with you something that has been baffling me for a while! You see, you’ve all met Woodie and I do so adore her very much, she is the up to my down, the yin to my yang, the…well the dog to my cat I suppose! She’s wonderful and I don’t even mind when she’s affectionately licking my ears and leaves me covered in her dog-drool because I understand that’s just her way…

What I do mind however, is the fact that she quite often stinks to high heaven! I do not know how she can go from being such a fluffy cutesy lady one day, to rolling in what can only be described as fox droppings the next day! And what’s more, when I ask her about it, she’s actually thrilled, like wearing “eau-de-fishguts” is something to be proud of! Eugh! You don’t find us cats rolling around in stinky situations do you?

So I took it upon myself to sniff around some of our waiting rooms, and it turns out it’s definitely a dog thing! They love it! I even heard some humans asking vet-tickles-my-ears why their dogs do it!

I thought I’d better investigate this ridiculous habit further and stumbled across this interesting article that you may all like to read too! Might also give you dog owners some tips on how to encourage your canines not to do it, as I know from first paw experience that although they may like to do it, it’s not a pleasant experience for us friends and family!

Why dogs roll in smelly-scents

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced Woodie’s doing it just to get to use our shower room again…something else I just don’t understand – dogs enjoy water and bathtime! Hmm. A different breed altogether.