New Blog: Croft – Please don’t lock us in!


Hello Woodcrofters!Cat blinking

What miserable weather we’re having at the moment eh? Woodie’s in her element, the muddier the better as far as she’s concerned. I however, prefer to be snuggled up indoors all cosy and warm from now until, well spring really! Can’t say that autumn and winter do much for my adventurous side.

I think it may be because last year, when the weather was particularly wet and chilly, I decided to venture into a nearby shed to dry off a bit and have a little nosey at the same time. You can find all kinds of things in there sometimes (even the occasional tasty treat!) and I just can’t resist having a prowl and prod. Well some of you who have been following our blog from the start (thank you!) may remember that this time last year I disappeared for a bit having got locked in a shed! I was in there for days! I could hear Nurse Pats-Me-Lots shouting for me, and Woodie, bless her golden locks, passed several times, but she just couldn’t hear my meow! It was only when the human came to get his ladders out a few days later that I was able to escape. It was terrifying, let me tell you! I have never been so frightened in any of my 9 lives! Not to mention hungry! Couldn’t wait to get to my Royal Canin let me tell you! Haven’t really been a fan of the cold weather since then if I’m honest. So I urge all humans to check your sheds and garages before locking them just in case any of my fellow felines have taken shelter inside, and as a reminder, I’ve created this fab picture. (Ok, so I had a little human help with the design but it was under my strict direction!) Croft the Cat hiding in shed
Feel free to save it, share it, tweet it, meow it, bark it, whatever it is you humans do these days.

Cheerio for now,

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