New Blog: Croft – Please don’t lock us in!


Hello Woodcrofters!Cat blinking

What miserable weather we’re having at the moment eh? Woodie’s in her element, the muddier the better as far as she’s concerned. I however, prefer to be snuggled up indoors all cosy and warm from now until, well spring really! Can’t say that autumn and winter do much for my adventurous side.

I think it may be because last year, when the weather was particularly wet and chilly, I decided to venture into a nearby shed to dry off a bit and have a little nosey at the same time. You can find all kinds of things in there sometimes (even the occasional tasty treat!) and I just can’t resist having a prowl and prod. Well some of you who have been following our blog from the start (thank you!) may remember that this time last year I disappeared for a bit having got locked in a shed! I was in there for days! I could hear Nurse Pats-Me-Lots shouting for me, and Woodie, bless her golden locks, passed several times, but she just couldn’t hear my meow! It was only when the human came to get his ladders out a few days later that I was able to escape. It was terrifying, let me tell you! I have never been so frightened in any of my 9 lives! Not to mention hungry! Couldn’t wait to get to my Royal Canin let me tell you! Haven’t really been a fan of the cold weather since then if I’m honest. So I urge all humans to check your sheds and garages before locking them just in case any of my fellow felines have taken shelter inside, and as a reminder, I’ve created this fab picture. (Ok, so I had a little human help with the design but it was under my strict direction!) Croft the Cat hiding in shed
Feel free to save it, share it, tweet it, meow it, bark it, whatever it is you humans do these days.

Cheerio for now,

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New Blog: Woodie – My First Donation!


Good afternoon my lovely Woodcrofters!

Hope you are all well, noses wet, coats glossy? Can you believe it’s Autumn already? I just love the Autumn! I love charging through the crunchy leaves and trying to catch them as they fall, and there are just so many wonderful smells in the Autumn that my nose goes into overdrive!

Woodie PBBAnyhoo, I thought I’d take a couple of minutes this evening to tell you all that I am feeling most proud of myself! A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d pay a visit to some of my lovely chums who were visiting our Cheadle Centre to donate blood for the Pet Blood Bank. Whilst I was there I got asking some of them why they donate – each one is proud to be able to say that they are helping to save the lives of others. Which got me thinking that I should donate too!

The lovely people at Pet Blood Bank checked that I was eligible first, over 25kg, under 8 years old and some other requirements that I won’t bore you with now but you can see them here if you’re interested: Blood donor eligibility

As I met all of the requirements (especially good temperament obviously!) I was allowed to donate! I must admit once they said I was allowed to, I became a little nervous and my tummy started fluttering with butterflies! But I had a chat to Brooke and Skye who have both donated LOADS of times and they reassured me that I would be absolutely fine. (You can see Brooke and Skye on our website – see if you can count how many times they appear on our wall of fame! Superstars!)

So I decided to be brave and do my good deed for the day. First was a healthcheck where they made sure I was fit and healthy enough to donate and they clipped a small bit of fur from my neck – ooooh that tickled!! Then they took me through to a room where they took some of my blood. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought, it was over in less than 10 minutes!

But then came the best part! I got to hang around afterwards for some treats! They were so delicious I’d definitely donate again if it means I get to eat treats. I’ll do anything for a treat me you know! I also got given a goody bag with this fantastic new bandanna in! Don’t I look beautiful in it? It’s my new favourite thing to wear I think!

Here’s some of my friends who donated too wearing their new bandannas!

Well that’s all really, I hope you’re all very proud of me Woodcrofters! I’m very proud of myself! If you would like your dog to be like me and donate some blood to the Pet Blood Bank you can find out more here.

Toodle pip!

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New blog: Croft – Wonderings of a cat


Woodcroft vet's cartoon cat Croft rolling aroundGood evening Woodcrofters!

I do hope this finds you all well? I thought I’d take a moment to share with you something that has been baffling me for a while! You see, you’ve all met Woodie and I do so adore her very much, she is the up to my down, the yin to my yang, the…well the dog to my cat I suppose! She’s wonderful and I don’t even mind when she’s affectionately licking my ears and leaves me covered in her dog-drool because I understand that’s just her way…

What I do mind however, is the fact that she quite often stinks to high heaven! I do not know how she can go from being such a fluffy cutesy lady one day, to rolling in what can only be described as fox droppings the next day! And what’s more, when I ask her about it, she’s actually thrilled, like wearing “eau-de-fishguts” is something to be proud of! Eugh! You don’t find us cats rolling around in stinky situations do you?

So I took it upon myself to sniff around some of our waiting rooms, and it turns out it’s definitely a dog thing! They love it! I even heard some humans asking vet-tickles-my-ears why their dogs do it!

I thought I’d better investigate this ridiculous habit further and stumbled across this interesting article that you may all like to read too! Might also give you dog owners some tips on how to encourage your canines not to do it, as I know from first paw experience that although they may like to do it, it’s not a pleasant experience for us friends and family!

Why dogs roll in smelly-scents

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced Woodie’s doing it just to get to use our shower room again…something else I just don’t understand – dogs enjoy water and bathtime! Hmm. A different breed altogether.


New Blog: Woodie – A word of warning


Woody-tail-wagHelloooo Woodcrofters!

And how are we all this fine Summer’s evening? Well it has been a scorcher of a day today, so hot in fact I went for a lovely stroll around Bramhall Park and did some ball fetching in the river! I do love a good splash around – you should’ve seen me afterwards, my beautiful golden locks all damp with “eau-de-pond”, shame I didn’t bump into the handsome Buddy on the way home, he wouldn’t have been able to resist me!

Well I also thought that as the weather has finally taken a turn for Summer, I’d share with you two very important posters from my dear friends at the Dogs Trust. You should all know the message by now – don’t leave your dog in a hot car. Vet Sneaks-me-treats would never dream of leaving me in the car on a hot day, but many people still do it, and let me tell you – leaving the window open a bit for us is not nearly good enough!

Dogs trust poster - Hot cars kill dogs Dogs trust poster - keep dogs cool

I think I speak for all of my furry friends when I say, if it’s a hot day, we’d much rather you leave us at home where it’s nice and cool and we can lap at our water bowls whenever we like. (The kitchen floor is my favourite cool spot, not to mention to the fact there’s sometimes the odd tasty morsel lying around!)

Well that’s all from me. I’m going to just bob in and out, and possibly in and then out again a few more times, before settling down for the night with nurse pats-me-lots.


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